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Sagle Bernstein Legacy

The Bernstein Legacy

In 2001, Cromer resident Mrs Sagle Bernstein's very generous £11.4 million legacy was entrusted to the trustees of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust Charitable Fund . The Board of Directors are the trustees of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund, who look after the legacy.

Q Why did Mrs Bernstein leave such a large sum to the hospital?

A. Mrs Bernstein was a local resident and her sister was a patient at Cromer Hospital and that’s why Mrs Bernstein’s very generous legacy was given to the hospital. 

Q. Who are the executors?

A. In 2001, the executors of Mrs Bernstein’s will legally transferred her legacy to the care of trustees (the Board of Directors) of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The terms of Mrs Bernstein’s will were that it is to be spent on “improvement of general facilities” and the legacy can only be spent at Cromer.

Q. So, how come so little money has been spent?

A.  £2.7 million has already been spent and, wherever possible, it has been spent on items that can be moved because Cromer is due to get a new hospital and it would be irresponsible to spent £13 million on the existing hospital when it’s going to be vacated in a few years time. That’s why, wherever possible, we’ve been careful to spend money on facilities that can be moved to a new hospital.

Q. How will the legacy be used in terms of a new hospital?

A. We are planning to build a new hospital on the same site as the current one and we plan to use the £13 million legacy to help build and equip the new hospital. We would, of course, intend to move equipment already bought from the legacy over from the old hospital to the new.   

Q. Is the legacy being used for a dialysis unit for the current hospital?

A. Yes, an eight-station renal dialysis unit opened in June 2006. Some of it was funded by NHS money and around £500,000 of the Bernstein legacy.  

Bernstein Legacy

Original Legacy £11,401,806
Dividend and Interest £4,577,018
Expenditure -£2,747,942
Balance (as at 30 September 2008) £13,230,882

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