The Trust

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust consists of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Cromer and District Hospital, with some services available at other sites across Norwich.

We became a Foundation Trust in May 2008 which has made the Trust more accountable to patients, the public and our staff.

As an NHS Foundation Trust, we are accountable for our performance to the independent regulator NHS Improvement.  Most of our funding (90 per cent) comes from Clinical Commissioning Groups that receive funding from the Department of Health and are responsible for commissioning local health services.

The Board of Directors has seven Non-Executive Directors (including the Chairman) and six Executive Directors (including the Chief Executive). To see the register of interests for the Trust Board, go to Register of Interests.

The Council of Governors includes elected representatives of patients, members of the public and hospital staff, as well as nominated representatives of key local stakeholder organisations. The Council works with the Board of Directors as a ‘critical friend’, helping to shape the Trust’s future.

NHS England has published guidance on declaring Conflicts of Interest which is applicable to all staff members at the Trust.  To view declarations of interest for Trust staff members made under this guidance go to

Who we serve

The Trust carries out nearly 1 million outpatient appointments, day case procedures and inpatient admissions annually.

The population we serve is predominantly the people of Norfolk and north Suffolk, although some patients are referred from further afield especially to access specialist services available at this Trust.

Some medical treatments are not eligible for NHS funding (e.g. some purely cosmetic procedures) and we are therefore not commissioned to provide such services. We accept referrals of patients for all those services that the Trust is commissioned to provide under the NHS and a full list of our clinical specialities is available here

Some healthcare providers do not accept referral of patients with underlying or chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. We do not apply such restrictions and referrals are accepted on the basis of clinical need, regardless of age, gender or race.

The Trust does however reserve the right to decline to treat patients who are abusive, violent or aggressive towards our staff.