Birth Choices

Birth Choices

The NNUH supports women’s choice in their care wherever possible. Sometimes it is difficult for women to make a decision about their choices and need additional support or need to discuss the options further with a midwife. A professional midwifery advocate is available to support you to make decisions by

  • providing a confidential environment for you to discuss your care with a midwife (for example, whether you would prefer to have your baby at home, in a birthing centre or in a hospital)
  • providing advice about the various options for care available to you and any support you may need during your pregnancy and birth
  • listens to any concerns you may have about the level of care you have received from your midwife (for example, you may have concerns about your birthing experience) and then discussing these concerns with the midwife if appropriate.

How can I access this service?

During your pregnancy you should be able to discuss your options with your community midwife or any midwife that you see at the hospital. If you feel you are requiring more support, you can access a professional midwifery advocate via

The email service is not accessed daily. Please do not leave any urgent messages via this route. All urgent matters must be dealt with via your community midwife/ the Medicom number/ Delivery Suite