MSLC Membership

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Maternity Services Liaison Committee

Members (June 2013)

Service Users
Lisa Brophy Association for Improvements in Maternity Services/NCT (MSLC Chair)
Rachel Graveling Norwich Birth Group/Doula UK (MSLC Vice-Chair)
Rachel Scarff  NNUH MSLC Coordinator
Ali Chapman User Rep
Andrea Hardiman User Rep
Felicity Hancock Peer Breastfeeding Supporter
Jess McCully User Rep
Rachel Rackham User Rep
Rachel Scarff NCT Co-ordinator
Ruth Mace Tessler Student Midwife/User Rep
Sian Verney NCT Antenatal Teacher
Venetia Strangeways NCT Antenatal Teacher

Service Purchasers
Jane Fuller Senior Project Manager,Child Health & Maternity Commissioning, NHS Anglia CSU
Rebecca Champion, Communications & Engagement Senior Manager, NHS North Norfolk CCG
Vacancy General Practitioner

Service Providers
Anna Haestier Consultant Obstetrician
Annabel Trick Family Nurse, Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust
Barbara Jackson Antenatal/Postnatal Services Manager
Catherine Lock Midwife Coordinator (Delivery Suite)
Glynis Moore Head of Midwifery
Karen Dunlop Supervisor of Midwives, Midwife (MLBU)
Lorna Hughes Community Children’s Services Team Leader – City and South Locality
Louisa Lyons Infant Feeding Co-ordinator
Katherine Phillips Infant Feeding Co-ordinator
Martin Cameron Consultant Obstetrician
Pam Sizer Midwifery Manager, Community Services
Paul Clarke Consultant Neonatologist
Rosemary Jackson Midwife/Project Coordinator
Tracy Barker Delivery Suite Manager
Wendy Simpson Community Children’s Services Team Leader – North Locality

Midwifery Education
Julie Lindsay Lead Midwife for Education, UEA School of Nursing Sciences