Radiology NNUH

The NNUHFT Radiology Department is one of the major diagnostic departments in the Hospitial, undertaking more than 400,000 examinations per year.  With over 250 staff working in Radiology (Radiologists, Radiographers, Assistants, Nurses and Administration staff), the Department is a very busy one.

The Imaging Department at Cromer District Hospital provides plain film X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound, Breast Screening and Bone Densitometry (DXA) services.


The Radiology Department has been ISAS accredited


These are the services we offer within the Radiology Department:

Members of the Radiology department involved in research are Dr John Curtin, Professor Erika Denton, Bahman Kasmai, Dr Paul Malcolm, Professor Andoni Toms and Dr Stuart Williams.

The whole Trust, including the Cromer District Hospital site, utilises the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) digital imaging display and storage system. This enables images to be viewed anywhere in the hospital, so that doctors and healthcare professionals have easy access to the imaging examinations they have requested.

All X-ray and scan requests are made electronically on a system called ICE. This allows Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and other non-medical referrers both in the Trust and from GP surgeries to refer you easily and quickly for your imaging investigation.

Your X-ray or scan images will be looked at by reporting Radiologists, Radiographers or Sonographers. These reports are sent electronically via the ICE system once again to the healthcare professional or Doctor who referred you.

If you have been referred by your GP or Consultant, you will be contacted either by phone or letter to be given an appointment. We aim to give you an appointment within 6 weeks for routine X-rays and scans, and within 2 weeks for urgent X-rays or scans (NB: sometimes our Radiologists may change the priority of your examination depending on the clinical information given to us by your doctor).

We also provide a walk in service for patients who have been referred for a chest X-ray by their GP.

You may also have your X-ray or scan on the same day you see your Consultant for a consultation. This depends upon the nature of the X-ray or scan, as well as availability of scanners and appointment slots. All requests are prioritised on clinical urgency, and you will always be given the soonest appointment possible.  Click here for more information on our One-Stop Clinics.

The Radiology Department also supports the Inpatient and Daycase Theatre teams.  Surgeons perform certain operations under X-ray guidance.  Your Consultant should explain this to you.