Respiratory Medicine

The respiratory team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital includes Consultant Respiratory Physicians Dr Russell Phillips, Dr Ajay Kamath, Dr Mark Pasteur, Dr Philippe Grunstein, Dr Prasanna Sankaran, Professor Andrew Wilson, Dr Luaie Idris, Dr Ellen Metcalfe, Dr Sadiyah Hand, Dr Eleanor Mishra, Dr Orion Twentyman, Dr Nicola Gray and Dr Manuela Del Forno. The department has strong links with the UEA’s Norwich Medical School.

Matron Katie Symonds  leads a team of respiratory nurses who provide both inpatient and outpatient services for patients with a wide range of respiratory conditions.

The respiratory team is supported by a large team of administrative staff.

Within the department are a number of sub-specialties with dedicated staff with a particular interest in specific conditions or therapies.

Outpatient Services

The outpatients department has a lung function laboratory which has trained staff led by Louise Bailey. They are able to provide full tests for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of respiratory conditions. The department also has access to radiological facilities for X-ray and CT scanning when required and provides bronchoscopy and EBUS sessions for more detailed investigations.

Inpatient Services

Patients requiring admission to hospital are accommodated on our two respiratory wards, Hethel Ward and Gunthorpe Ward. Hethel Ward is situated on level 3 in the East block and is led by Sister Karen Hall. Mattishall Ward is also situated on level 3 in the East block and is led by Sister Melanie Griggs. Karen Hall and Melanie Griggs lead a team of respiratory ward nurses who provide 24 hour care to patients acutely unwell with their respiratory condition.

Hethel Ward has a dedicated NIV (non-invasive ventilation) bay which has 6 beds and experienced nursing staff managing patients with respiratory failure.

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