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Welcome to the Help pages.
Below you will find a list of headings of Help topics for this website. Please click on these to find out more on what each area of the website does. If there are no explanations on a particular area, please let us know via our Feedback page.


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Help home illustrationThis button appears on all pages and will take you to the home page of our website.

Other Shortcuts

Help Top RightHere you will find links to Legal Information, the site map and Accessibility information. These are situated at the top of every page within the website.

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The main navigation of the site is through the colour-coded drop down menu. Each area has a different colour for easy recognition and navigation. Within each area a drop down menu appears showing various items and sub items, which can then be clicked to take you through to that section.

Help drop down menu

Content is provided in the right two thirds of the page. This is monitored on a regular basis. If you feel however you need to contact somebody regarding content, please let us know via our Feedback page.

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Left Page MenuEvery page has a series of links in the left hand panel. This area is used to display sub pages of the page you are on, together with links to any supporting information that may be appropriate to the current page.

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Help Tool Buttons These icons appear on every page of the website.

Latest News

This icon takes you straight to the latest news from the communications team at the NNUH. This can also be accessed from the drop down menu under News.

Print this Page

Clicking on this will ing up the print dialogue box in which you can select your printer to print the current page you are on.

PLEASE NOTE: The side and top menus have deliberately been removed from all printed pages to enable the content to be read more clearly.

Contact Addresses

This icon creates another window on top of the website containing postal addresses and contact numbers for all buildings within the Trust. To view a map showing the location of each premise click on the Multimap icon in the top left hand corner. To close the window, when finished, click on the postage stamp in the top right hand corner.

Large Text

Clicking on this icon will change the look of the page and reduce the colours used whilst increasing the font size. To return to the original view click on the link at the bottom of the page under the heading “Accessibility” If you want to know more information click on the Large Text icon on the Home page or the Accessibility link at the top of every page.

Help Page

This icon takes you to the page you are now reading and hopefully explains how to use this website.

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Help Search Facility The Search facility is available on every page and allows you to search for words within the pages themselves or any document accessible on the website.