Who’s who?

Our staff are here to help you and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to raise them with the nurse in charge or a manager. All of our staff carry an NHS identity badge with their name and photo on it.

  MatronCopy of Sister UniformStaff Nurse


Physio AssistOTOT Assist

RadiographerRadiology AssistDietetic Assist

IC UniformAssistant Practitionerstudent nurse

Receptionists Uniform

  • Matrons wear charcoal and white striped uniforms
  • Sisters are senior nurses in charge of wards or departments and they wear a dark blue dress or a tunic and trousers of the same colour
  • Charge nurses are male senior nurses in charge of wards or departments and they wear a navy blue tunic and trousers
  • Staff nurses and midwives wear light blue tunic and trousers or dresses
  • Healthcare Assistants (Auxiliary nurses) wear slate grey tunics and navy trousers or slate grey dresses (formerly tan tunics or dresses)
  • Nursing and medical staff in emergency areas, operating theatres and the delivery suite wear blue tops and trousers
  • Physiotherapists wear white tunics or polo tops with blue edging and navy trousers
  • Physiotherapy Assistants wear light blue tunics or polo tops and navy trousers or dresses
  • Occupational therapists wear white tops and green trousers
  • Dietitians do not wear a uniform
  • Dietetic Assistants wear lilac tunic tops and navy trousers or a lilac dress
  • Infection control wear red tunics with blue edging
  • Radiographers wear white tunics (or blue sweatshirt) and blue trousers
  • Student Nurses wear fine stripe navy tunic with navy trim and navy trousers
  • Assistant Pracitioners wear fine stripe navy tunic with red trim and navy trousers
  • Receptionists wear navy blouse with white diamonds and navy skirt or trousers