Keeping safe

Extremely vulnerable individuals: If you’ve been contacted by the NHS as someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 and are shielding, please follow this advice.

Social distancing: Everyone should follow the national guidance, staying at home wherever possible and maintaining a social distance when going out, to help limit the spread of Covid-19 and protect others.

Wearing a face mask: New national guidelines mean outpatients and visitors coming to hospital will be expected to wear a face covering, which could be a scarf or homemade mask, or they will be offered a face mask to wear when they enter the clinic or ward. Hospital staff will be wearing surgical face masks to protect patients and our clinical staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment – including face masks – during any contact time with patients.

Hand washing/sanitising

Please ensure you wash or sanitise your hands upon entry and exit to the site, clinics and the wards. Hand sanitiser is available across the hospital.