You Said, We Did

The Trust reviews all patient comments & feedback monthly and we have four Patient Experience Working Groups (PEWG’s) that are led by our Matrons. In response to patient feedback we have taken several actions; –

Disturbance at Night

  • Provided the wards with ear plugs for patients to assist with the reduction of noise at night.
  • Call bell systems (where possible) now have their volume reduced to a safe but lower volume level during the hours of 11pm-6am to reduce noise disturbance at night.
  • The televisions now switch off automatically at 10pm if not in use & screens do not switch back on until 7am the following day.


  • Introduced an electronic medication prescribing and administration system to improve the patient experience with medications – this is currently in a roll-out phase.
  • Ensured that time critical medications are hilighted to all staff to ensure there are no delays in administering these drugs.
  • Introduction of self medication policy for appropriate patients.

Urinary Catheters

  • Patients who have urinary catheters who are mobile are given leg bags (hidden under clothing) to wear to protect their dignity.
  • When patients are in bed with urinary catheters we try to ensure that bags are emptied prior to patients leaving the ward for any reason.

Other Actions

  • Introduced “Hello My Name Is ” to encourage all staff members to introduce themsleves by name & role to patients.
  • “You said/we did” boards in all inpatient areas to demonstrate local response to patient feedback.