Name and Position

Mr Thomas Tsang
Paediatric & Neonatal Surgery

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number:Secretary Karen Edwards: 01603 286348
Fax Number: 01603 287584


Sub-speciality: Gastrointestinal surgery

Special clinical interests: Laparoscopy – gastrostomy, fundoplication, pyloromyotomy, appendicectomy, repair of inguinal hernia, orchidopexy for intra-abdominal testes.Gastro-intestinal – upper and lower endoscopy.Hypospadias surgery.

Professional profile: Mr Tsang has 10 years’ experience as a Consultant Paediatric and Neonatal Surgeon based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. He practices a wide range of paediatric laparoscopic procedures and has developed a full comprehensive laparoscopic gastro-intestinal, urological and thoracic service in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Mr Tsang has developed a training programme in paediatric surgery, is a Trainer at Leeds and Hong Kong Laparoscopic Workshops and teaches at the Royal College of Surgeons London Paediatric Surgery Course.

Personal profile: Mr Tsang works closely with colleagues of other specialities – paediatrics, obstetrics, radiology, histopathology and anaesthesia, enjoys teamwork and treasures friendship. He organises sport activities – football (5-a-side), tennis and badminton among juniors and colleagues to promote team spirit.