Funding for Research

Applying for Research Funding

If you are applying for a grant or funding to support research which will involve NNUH, please contact Emily Woodhouse (01603) 289894, Research Grants Co-ordinator ( who will advise on the application process.

All grants which involve the UEA as an academic partner will be handled by the Joint Research Office and if this is applicable, you will be directed to the appropriate member of the team who will support your application. Applications which involve both organisations will be processed collaboratively.

If further information is required please contact Emily Woodhouse. Please note that applications for NHS funding require R&D review and approval before submission, so please ensure you discuss your application with Emily Woodhouse at the earliest opportunity and at least four weeks before the submission date.

Research Funding Calls & Deadlines

NRP Science Links Seed Fund

The deadline for the latest call is Friday 29th September at 17.00.

The NRP Science Links Seed Fund (SLSF) exists to promote collaborations in biological, clinical and agricultural sciences across the NRP with the principle aim of leveraging further funding.

The SLSF aims to:

  • Encourage the development of interdisciplinary and cross institutional teams
  • Increase competitiveness of NRP scientists in external grant applications
  • Initiate, enhance and encourage creative and innovative collaborative research
  • Encourage partnership with industry and other stakeholders through proof of concept studies
  • Address career development through the provision of training
  • Initiate public engagement in areas of relevance to the NRP Alliances
  • Contribute to Government policy

Typically, awards will fall into the order of £10k-£15k and will be awarded for a period of not exceeding a year. In exceptional circumstances awards >£15k and for longer projects will be considered; however no open ended commitments will be made.

Download an information sheet (Word Document)

Download an application form (Word Document)

Please notify Emily Woodhouse ( if you are planning on submitting an application.

Research Capability Funding

The NNUH has now allocated all of its 2017-18 Research Capability Funding. Please contact Emily Woodhouse on 01603 289894 if further help or information is required.

Applicant Staff name Specialty Area Award Project NNUH/UEA
N.Bowron, A.Forbes Bowron, Neil Gastroenterology 27,908 ELENAC: Proof of concept trial investigating the Effect of Lipids in exclusive Enteral Nutrition on mesenteric fat production of inflammatory Adipokines in patients with Crohn’s disease. UEA
D.Broadway Cate, Heidi Ophthalmology 39,553 Post-Doctorate Fellowship to generate a protocol for new planned multi-centre RCT led by the unit. NNUH
P.Clarke Clarke, Paul Neonatology 25,000 Various NNUH
A.MacGregor, T.Smith, I.McNamara Dainty, Jack Orthopaedics 29,902 National Joint Registry Extended PROMs Study. UEA
C.Jerosch-Herold, J.Blake, A.Chojnowski, L.Shepstone Houghton, Julie Hand Therapy 15,205 Develop and test a stratified care pathway for the management of carpal tunnel syndrome based on the PALMS study. UEA
C.Notley, P.Clarke Nichols, Amy Neonatology 4,447 A developmental study to investigate patient and staff preferences for the design and delivery of a smoking cessation intervention for patients and family members of neonates admitted to NICU. NNUH
S.Rushbrook, G.Hirschfield, S.Rushworth Research Associate Hepatology 36,583 The relationship of Serum Cytokine Profiles with Sub phenotypes and Fibrosis in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. UEA
Marc Moncrieff Marc Moncrieff Plastic Surgery 12,500 Various NNUH
J.Dawson R&D Facilitator Research and Development 32,106 This post would assist the current research grants coordinator, providing support for applications which, when funded, would be sponsored by NNUH. NNUH
M.Sampson NDPS Diabetes 33,334 NDPS NNUH
R&D QA, Research Governance & Contingency Research and Development 40,000 NNUH
Total awarded= 296,538