Norwich Radiology Academy

Radiology for Paediatric Physiotherapists (RaPP)
Lower Limb Course

Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th March 2016

Course Fees:

Radiology Academy, Cotman Centre, Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UB

Course Organisers:
Jenny Lind Paediatric Physiotherapy Department


This two day course is aimed at paediatric physiotherapists with a special interest in
musculoskeletal medicine and/or orthopaedics. It will cover basic physics and background
information to enable the safe and effective ordering of plain film x-ray images focusing on the
lower limb. This will include a systematic approach to the interpretation of normal films to
provide a framework for interpretation of images for orthopaedic pathologies.


Pre-requisites for the course

  •  Basic knowledge of paediatric orthopaedic conditions
  •  Knowledge of normal skeletal growth



Rachael Hutchinson     Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedics, NNUH

Anish Sanghrajka       Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedics, NNUH

Graeme Carlile           Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedics, NNUH

Fran Sutton                 CPS Paediatric Orthopaedics, NNUH

Vicky Easton                CPS Paediatric Orthopaedics, NNUH

TBC                                Consultant Radiologist, NNUH


Lower Limb Radiology for Paediatric Physiotherapists

Programme – Monday 15th March 2016

09:00  Coffee & Registration & Introduction

09:15   Basics of Radiology, IRMER & Choosing Appropriate Tests

10:00   Hip X-Ray – A Systematic Approach to Interpretation
10:30  Coffee
11:00   Reviewing Hip X-Rays in Pairs/Groups
12:30  Lunch
13:30   Hip Interpretation – Review of X-Rays From pre Lunch Session
14:30   Knee X-Ray – A Systematic Approach to Interpretation
15:00  Tea
15:30   Reviewing Knee X-Rays in Pairs/Groups
16:30   Knee X-Rays review as a Whole Group
17:30   Finish


Lower Limb Radiology for Paediatric Physiotherapists

Programme – Tuesday 15th March 2016

08:45  Coffee
09:00   Foot and Ankle X-Ray – A Systematic Approach to Interpretation
09:30   Reviewing Foot and Ankle X-Rays in Pairs/Groups
10:30  Coffee
11:00   Foot and Ankle X-Rays Review as a Whole Group
12:00  Lunch
13:00   Lumps, Bumps and Anomalies
13:30   Hip and Thigh Interpretation – Advanced
14:30  Tea
15:00   Knee and Lower Leg Interpretation – Advanced
16:00   Foot and Ankle Interpretation – Advanced
17:00   Summary of Day/Feedback Forms
17:15   Finish


Lower Limb Radiology for Paediatric Physiotherapists
14th and 15th March 2016

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Registration Fee:   £200

Payment should be enclosed with a completed application form with cheques made payable to Norfolk &
Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  We regret refunds for cancellation cannot be
made after the 31st January 2016.

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