Your stories

We want to celebrate all stories from the past 250 years of our history. Across our social media channels, we asked you to share your stories from your experiences during your time here at NNUH. Below are these stories. If you have a story that stands the test of time, please share it with us by emailing in to

Heather Morgan’s story of her mother Angela

“Angela started working as a part time radiology assistant at the old N&N on St Stephen’s shortly after we moved to Norfolk in 1996.

“The location meant she could walk into Norwich in her lunch breaks and find her way around the city, and the department gave her an instantly varied group of friends from porters to consultants, some of whom would become more like family.

“Those friends saw my brother and I grow up; we would pop in and visit with mum if we were in the city, and shortly after the move to the new site Angela encouraged my brother and I to get part time work on the admin bank while we were studying. I spent all my uni holidays working in various departments around the organisation and even got to work in radiology with some of her friends for a summer.

“She was sadly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008, and had to retire through ill heath a short time later, she died on Mulbarton ward in 2010. She had multiple X-rays and scans in radiology while she was initially undergoing investigations and then throughout her treatment and I know she found it a comfort to be in familiar surroundings and with friendly faces – though I could see how difficult it was for the staff to see her so poorly.

“After she died the department had a collection and asked my brother and I for ideas for a memorial for Angela; she now has a bench with a plaque on the plaza (near the bus stops).

“I left NNUH after I completed my studies to join the ambulance service but my brother took a full time role at the trust and met his now wife in that role and they both still work for the organisation. For us Angela is an integral part of the site and we have many fond memories of being there with her both through work and when she was poorly. But the story was meant to be about Angela and what I actually wanted to saw was that she was so proud and happy to work at the N&N, she loved her job, she loved being part of that team, and she loved being part of the wider Norfolk community through the patients she met, and her legacy is not only those patients and colleagues that hopefully remember her kindness and humour but also her two children who are part of and contribute to that NNUH family and community now too.

“I have no idea if this is the kind of thing you were after but I have shed many tears typing this so it was clearly very cathartic!!!”

Stacey Leeds’ experience of the old N&N site back in 1978

“In 1978 I was five and punctured my liver with the handlebar of my bike. Somehow the ambulance got to me in the middle of Norfolk in a ditch and took me to the N&N in time as I was in and out of consciousness.

“I was in for about six months and had a very serious and successful operation. I was accompanied by a drip and a fake liver on a trolley beside me for most of the time. The fake liver was in a glass dome on a wooden trolley with two pipes attached to my side. It looked like it belonged in a Peter Cushing film but it saved my life.

“The staff were great and obviously saved my life.”