How to report a fault

We have a new system on which you can report faults during your tenancy. Please follow the instructions below using the Shire System platform.

Log in to the Maintenance reporting tool following the instructions below

Login: Accom_Tenants
Password: @ccommodation

  1. Login using the details above
  2. Click “Work requests” click the “+” icon in the pale green bar.
  3. Complete all yellow mandatory fields.
  4. Click on “Requested by” and select “free text”.
  5. In the yellow box add your name
  6. Click “Location”, start to type in flat name, select your room and area required where the fault is located – Bulman 1/room1/bedroom
  7. In description box type the issue/fault. It is important to put clear and concise information.
  8. Click floppy disc icon in pale green bar at the top  to save the job. If you wish click “add photo”, submit at the bottom of page, then press save again.
  9. Log out

For out of hours emergencies e.g. flooding, please call our out of hours service on 07810 793312.