Community projects involve us working with or partnering a wide range of groups and organisations from Norfolk, Norwich, and Regional and National organisations. These include a whole host of different charities, schools, colleges, community groups and organisation ranging from community radio to the probation services.

Involving our local community as well as our patients, staff and visitors is essential to our work bringing many benefits which assist with:

  • providing a varied and dynamic programme of arts which appeals to all tastes
  • giving the opportunity for our community to take part and contribute to their Hospitals
  • giving the opportunity for our community to feel pride and ownership of their Hospitals
  • assisting with breaking down fears of Hospitals
  • giving opportunities for individuals to learn and develop in a safe environment
  • creating new and unique experiences whilst improving our Hospital environment
  • encouraging understanding of the benefits of healthy environments

Our community work takes many different forms which include:

We take on work placements who work with a wide range of groups and organisations within the city and county offering varied opportunities for many different individuals.

Education and Outreach
Through working in collaboration with many different educational organisations, including schools and colleges we build on the role of arts and health through talks, seminars, tours, collaborative projects and assisting students with studies.

Community Arts and Partnership Projects
Through setting up projects which will have a positive effect on the wider community beyong the NHS Hospital Trust setting.