Robin Blackledge

The Hospital Arts Project set up a collaborative project with the Norwich School of Art and Design and the Inspire Science Centre under the name 'Inspiration Arts' funded by the Regional Arts Lottery Fund. The project offered the opportunity for an innovative community based project which pushed the boundaries of art in hospitals. Throughout the progress of the project each participating organisation interacted with the community.
The emphasis of the project was to engage the hearts and minds of a younger audience using the arts and science.

Funding was sought from the National Lottery amongst other sources for a project which encompassed an artist’s research fellowship and residency at the Norwich School of Art and Design, the development of a 'Sci-Art' show for youth audiences and workshops at the Inspire Science Centre and the creation and installation of an artwork within the Children's Department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. As part of this project a book was also written with accompanying CD 'Le Salon Des Trois Reines' published by the 'Hospital Arts Project Press'.

Robin Blackledge was selected from over thirty applicants to carry out this project. Robin Blackledge is an artist who makes site-specific installations primarily with video, sound and lighting. His early career explored Performance and Live Art and is a strong influence on his current art practice.

Throughout the residency and workshops, Robin’s strong sense of fun and imagination produced a multitude of possibilities for artworks which are outlined in 'Les Salon Des Trois Reines' the first Hospital Arts Project publication.

Les Salon Des Trois Reines is also the name of the chosen artwork for the Children's Unit at the hospital which is located on Buxton Ward link corridor.

Here is a website about Les Salon Des Trois Reines.