Maternal Medicine referrals

Our weekly multidisciplinary team meetings consist of, maternal medicine obstetricians, an obstetric physician, obstetric anaesthetists, backed up by specialist physicians in all medical specialities.

The majority of pregnant people with complications during pregnancy will continue to be managed by local maternity services, depending upon individual needs. Some people will only require discussion at the MDT meetings, whilst others may require a single appointment with the Maternal Medicine Centre (MMC).  Only a very small number of pregnant people will require all their care MMC.

Referrals are welcomed from all areas of the UK and must be made by a GP, specialist physician or obstetrician. Self-referrals will not be accepted.

Options for referral

There is a choice of “routine” referrals or “urgent” referrals.

  • Routine referrals will be actioned within 2 weeks
  • Urgent referrals will be actioned within 72 hours
  • Immediate referrals (requires action in less than 72 hours) should be directed to the On-Call Obstetric Consultant via our switchboard (01603 286286).

When completing a referral to Maternal Medicine please state the priority status in the subject heading (urgent or routine), we reserve the right to alter the priority status following review.

Please ensure all medical history is included in your referral.