Norfolk Baby Scanning Unit

Our private Norfolk Baby Scanning Suite offers additional scans during your pregnancy. As they’re not provided as part of NHS maternity care, there is a charge for our service.

Our state-of-the-art scanners provide an image of your developing baby in clear and precise detail. The 2D “reassurance” scans can show you that all is OK with your pregnancy and that your baby is growing as expected, outside your planned antenatal care scans.


Our range of scans

  • Early pregnancy reassurance scans: 7 – 12 weeks
  • Reassurance scan later in pregnancy: 13 -16 weeks.

Our service

The scans form part of our clinician-led private service and are performed by a team of Specialist Nurse Sonographers, so you can be assured of high technical ability and specialist knowledge. You will also have the peace of mind that, if you have any queries about the scan, or if a concern or problem is detected, our team is in the best position possible to make arrangements for any necessary tests.

No GP or midwife referral is necessary, you simply call or email directly into the service, then arrange and pay for your appointment over the phone.

Having a scan with us does not affect your NHS scans already requested or agreed by your healthcare professional.

You will be provided with a structured report of your scan which can be incorporated into your handheld notes and you can share with your healthcare professional at future appointments.

Preparing for your scan

To get the best possible image of your baby, it is best not to use moisturising cream on your bump during the two weeks leading up to your appointment. This will avoid a build-up of cream which could prevent us from obtaining a clear image of your baby.

For scans before 12 weeks gestation you will be offered a transvaginal scan which will be discussed with you upon arrival/during your consultation.

For scans after 13 – 16 weeks, you will need to have a full bladder.

Where do I go?

We will perform your scan in our new Fetal Medicine Suite, near the lifts on level 3, Out-patients West.

During your scan

Your scan will be performed by a Specialist Nurse Sonographer and a chaperone is available.

During your session, you are more than welcome to have family members in the room with you.  We do limit this to your partner, your children and one other relative or friend at a time. Please note that this is our usual standard but may be affected by Government advice/guidance relating to Covid-19. You will be provided the most up-to-date advice when booking.

What can I take home?

You will also be given printed copies to take home on the day.

Our prices

Early pregnancy scan £79
Reassurance scan £79
Replacement images £60


Contact us

Call 01603 641 218 or e-mail

You will be asked to make your payment when you book. We recognise that things sometimes don’t go as planned and you may need to change your appointment. That’s fine – your payment will be transferred.