Pre-employment Screening (and health assessment)

Pre-employment screening provides a baseline and documented record of an employee’s health status at the beginning of their employment. The pre-employment screening process is key to ensuring individuals are fit to undertake the work required of them or advise on any appropriate adaptations.

Good absence management begins at this stage by ensuring the employee is fit to undertake their work duties.

An assessment of an individual’s health in relation to their fitness to work by a qualified occupational health specialist, who has knowledge of the workplace, will benefit the employer, ensuring the appropriate management of any health issues.


Health Questionnaires

Comprehensive confidential health questionnaires can be given to chosen applicants and returned to us for screening. Any declared health issues will be assessed either by telephone interview, liaison with the applicant’s GP or a face-to-face interview and assessment by an Adviser or Doctor, as required. Your organisation will be advised of the individuals Fitness to Work. The assessment costs as little as £22.75 .

Furthermore, organisations will be advised of workplace adaptations, job modifications or work restrictions. Any details completed by the applicant on a pre-employment health form are confidential and will be treated as so. Any recommended restrictions or adjustments to the work in compliance with the Equality Act 2010 section 60 will be specified on the Fitness Certificate. If you would like to discuss our pre-employment services, please contact one of our Business Managers on 01603 286667.