Protecting staff through vaccinations


Workplace Health and Wellbeing offers an occupational Hepatitis B Immunisation Service to local organisations.

Who should be vaccinated?

It is most important to ensure that staff who are potentially occupationally exposed to Hepatitis B are offered a vaccination. If you would like to access our service, it is your responsibility to first undertake a risk assessment, identifying if employees are exposed to blood or other high-risk body fluids, for example from biting or needlestick injuries. The risk assessment will confirm who should be offered immunisation against Hepatitis B.

How can this service be set-up?

We can provide Hepatitis B vaccinations for your staff at risk, either at our central Norwich clinic or if you have a team of 12 or more who require immunity we are happy to provide vaccinations on-site and can visit your Norfolk organisation premises.

How long will the course take?

The primary course of vaccines consists of three injections, followed by a blood test and a booster after 5 years. The vaccinations will be administered as follows;

Time  0            1st vaccination

Month 1            2nd vaccination

Month 6             3rd vaccination

Month 8          A blood test to check immunity levels is undertaken 8 weeks after the 3rd vaccination.

Booster vaccination is administered 5 years after the primary course is completed.

NB Staff who do not develop sufficient immunity or require an ‘accelerated course’ will be advised and requested to have additional vaccinations and blood tests.

How much will this service cost?

The cost of each vaccination appointment is £37.65, whether taking place on site or at our Norwich clinic.

For a site visit, a minimum of 12 employees will need to be seen.

Any missed appointments in our pre-booked clinic or less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation, will be charged at the full appointment cost.

Accessing the Hepatitis B Vaccination Service

If your organisation would like to access the Hepatitis B vaccination service, please contact the Business Manager on 01603 286667 .

Other Vaccines

We can offer selective occupational vaccines, please contact the Business Manager on 01603 286667 to discuss further.