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GPs and Health Centres wanting to use our services should contact us initially by phone or email to obtain a customer number. Thereafter, orders may be placed by clicking on the button below.

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Please note: Some customers are experiencing a problem placing electronic orders. When the “Email Order” button is clicked, the order is not attaching itself properly to an email. This appears to be a problem for those using the NHS Net email system rather than those using Outlook etc. While this problem is being investigated, you have two other options. You can save the order to your computer, open your email account and send it as an attachment to


18th March 2008 We appear to be getting an increasing number of single-use stainless steel instruments being returned to us for reprocessing. Please note that if an instrument is marked as “single use“, or if it has a symbol depicting a ‘2‘ with a line through it single use system small, it must be disposed of at the point of use and not be returned to the SSD.

5th March 2008 In spite of inflationary pressures, the prices of instrument packs and consumable items ordered from the Sterile Services Department (SSD) have remained constant since 2005. Continuing improvements in purchasing agreements with our key suppliers have allowed us to maintain prices at this competitive level.   I am pleased to say that the majority of packs will continue to be supplied at 2005 prices during 2008. However, a small number of instrument packs will be increasing in price from 1st April 2008 to reflect increases in processing and instrument costs.   The new price list is being sent out with all orders being currently dispatched and the order form linked from the button above will be updated for 1st April 2008.   I hope that we may continue to provide a service to you throughout during 2008/2009.


18th May 2007 Yesterday DoH published a document entitled, Decontamination of re-usable medical devices in the primary, secondary and tertiary care sectors (NHS and Independent providers) 2007 clarification and policy summary.  Document available here Clarification of decontamination

16th May 2007 Additional GP Minor Op Packs (Code 201100)  have been put into circulation today, bringing the total to almost 400. Hopefully the recent delays in meeting your orders for these packs will be over.

14th May 2007 Hormone Implant Sets (Code 201275) are now available from stock. The pack contents can be viewed by clicking on the link near the bottom of this page. The pack will be added to the requisition sheet shortly.

24th April 2007 Splinter Forceps Arthurs (Code 150800) are now being stocked and will be added to the requisition sheet shortly.

17th April 2007 In response to popular demand, Rampley Sponge Holders (Code 105900) and Boyd Double-Ended Curettes (Code 101350) are now available and have been added to the requisition sheet.

17th April 2007 Apolgies to those customers who have been waiting for 201100 GP Minor Op packs. We are continuing to put more instruments into circulation in order to catch up with the recent increase in demand.

17th April 2007 Our internal systems have been modified to improve our order tracking process. This will enable a faster and more accurate reponse to customer queries on outstanding orders.