Spring Craft Fair 2020

Date: Wednesday 25th of March 2020
Start Time: 10am

Location: East Atrium levels 1 and 2
Time: 10am – 4pm – VISITORS WELCOME


It’s time for our Spring Craft Fair, providing opportunity for our staff crafters and some local crafters to showcase their hobbies/crafts whilst at the same time raising money for worthwhile charities. The beneficiary of monies raised from the first fair of the year is the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Charity Fund, but the remainder of the year we usually donate stall holder fees to worthy local charities. If you have a worthwhile local charity that you would like to see benefit from our efforts we would like to hear from you. Please email Linda Johnson.

Please do come along on 25th September and browse the stalls at your leisure and enjoy the uniqueness and variety of the goods available to purchase if you so wish. We will be very pleased to see you.

Your support as always is very much appreciated.

Further enquiries can be made to linda.a.johnson@virginmedia.com

To view the poster of the Craft Fair, please click here.