Where Your Money Can Go

The Hospital Charity (The NNUH Charitable Fund 1048170)

The hospital charity  fundraises for various ward and department projects across our hospitals – more information here.

Your fundraising can help to benefit an area of the hospital closest to your heart so please let us know where you would like your money to go.

Here are some examples of how your donations have made a real difference

  • £10 buying toys
  • £10,000 Incubator
  • £25,000 for an Ariol scanner

To find out more about the charity’s many ward and department funds call 01603 287107 or see examples of how specific wards or departments have benefited from donations below.


Here are some items which we have bought with charitable donations

Beds - Palliative CareFold Up Beds for carers for use by our Palliative Care Team

HethelComfy chairs for our respiratory patients