NNUH scientist meets Prime Minister

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s director of medical physics and clinical engineering Stuart Meldrum this week met Prime Minister Tony Blair in a high-profile Downing Street reception for some of the unsung heroes of the NHS.

The reception at No 10 was held to honour the work of the 100,0000 allied health professionals (AHP) and healthcare scientists (HCS) working in the NHS. AHPs include physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians. HCS include clinical engineers and scientists working in pathology and other services.

The reception on Monday for 200 hand-picked staff was the first held to honour the healthcare scientists and allied health professionals who play a vital and often overlooked role in the delivery of healthcare across the NHS.

Tony Blair said: “We can only create a world class health service through you, the committed and skilled people who work at the front line. So I want to say to you today – we recognise the important job you do, we know that you are working under pressure and we will do our best to make sure that you are supported in it. “

Dr Meldrum, 58, of Eaton, is a physicist and has worked in the NHS since 1966, said: “It was nice to see the Prime Minister publicly recognising that the health service is not just about doctors and nurses but also about healthcare scientists and allied health professionals.

“The health service is increasingly technology-driven and I think it’s important that the people who are behind many of these developments are acknowledged for the work they do for the National Health Service.”

Wednesday 5th of February 2003 02:00:05 PM