21 years of hospital arts

Two decades worth of turning blank hospital walls into eye-catching and stimulating artwork is being celebrated later this month at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

It is now 21 years since a Hospital Arts Project, entirely funded by charitable donations, was founded at the old N&N, to lift the spirits of patients and staff by providing a high quality environment.

The Hospital Arts Project (HAP) provides a varied arts programme sensitive to the many different needs of our patients, staff and visitors. All the artists are formally selected and each project involves consultation with staff, artists, and partner organisations.

Art in hospitals has been proven to help relieve stress, offer positive points of focus, encourage well-being and optimism, provide comfort and offer distraction to patients and visitors. It also increases pride and satisfaction in the workplace by making the working environment more interesting.

HAP co-ordinator Emma Jarvis said: “Our anniversary provides us with an excellent opportunity to thank our many benefactors and to reflect on the improvements we have made to the environment for both our patients and our staff over the years.”

Commissions: The Hospital Arts Project selects artists to undertake commissions for specific areas and departments to suit the environment. Each project involves detailed planning, scheduling, contracts and consultation with staff and patients.Exhibitions: The exhibition programme spans the long corridors of the hospitals. The exhibitions include the work of local and national artists and the work of many artists is often on display at any one time. Each exhibition area is changed approximately every two months and there are approximately 30 exhibitions every year.

Events: The Hospital Arts Project sets up performances for patients, staff and visitors, which spans the spectrum of the performing arts

The Collections: The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust owns a fascinating and varied collection of historical items. These collections include portraits, pictures, decorative items, stained-glass windows and a remarkable collection of surgical and medical instruments artefacts and sundries.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust’s Hospital Arts Project will be celebrating its 21st anniversary on Tuesday, 14th October 2003.

Monday 6th of October 2003 04:00:52 PM