Endoscopy expertise in demand

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital consultant gastroenterologist Dr Richard Tighe has been appointed as a clinical lead for the NHS Modernisation Agency’s National Endoscopy Programme.

Endoscopy is the direct visual examination of any part of the interior of the body by means of a tube with a small light and camera being fed via the mouth into the patient’s digestive system by a doctor or nurse. Endoscopies are important diagnostic tools in cancer and other conditions.

The National Endoscopy Programme was formed in April 2000 to improve endoscopy services, increase the number of endoscopists and tackle the variation in existing approaches to training endoscopists. The programme is working with endoscopy services throughout the country to help simplify and speed up their administrative processes, so that they can offer patients a choice of when their appointments are and make the best use of clinic time and space.

Dr Richard Tighe's appointment as a clinical lead for Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire follows the news that the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has also been chosen by the Royal College of Surgeons as one of only 10 national centres of excellence for endoscopy training.

The clinical leads around England will help endoscopy services adopt these new ways of working. They will also help move forward a new training programme for endoscopists.

Dr Tighe said: “I am delighted to be working with the National Endoscopy Programme and I am confident that this project will be pivotal in ensuring that high quality endoscopy is available rapidly to the whole population. Over recent years, we have made substantial progress in improving the endoscopy service in Norwich and I look forward to helping roll out this progress across the region. “

Ian Greenwood, (Acting Director – National Booking Team), said: “Working with doctors, nurses and others to improve endoscopy services for patients is an important area to focus on. Dr Tighe is perfectly placed to make sure we make endoscopy services better for people who need to use them.

Tuesday 14th of October 2003 08:00:40 AM