Cherished items stolen from hospital

A spate of recent thefts at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has deprived both patients, staff and visitors of much-loved amenities.

The most recent theft, which took place earlier this week, saw two wall-mounted artworks in the main hospital street on Level 1 of the Centre Block stolen. The artworks were binoculars that showed 3D images of the old Norfolk & Norwich and are irreplaceable.

One of the binoculars had a 3D image of the old N&N hospital chapel and the other had a 3D picture of one of the old hospital's main corridors. the artworks, by Karen Reilly and Stuart Lloyd, were unique memories of the old N&N.

Hospital Arts Project co-ordinator Emma Jarvis said: “It's heartbreaking that someone should steal these much-loved items from a hospital. These were original pictures and the old hospital has now gone and these views can never be recreated. They brought so much pleasure to our patients, staff and visitors who would stop on the corridor to look at the images. They were a unique pocket of history for us.”

The theft of the artworks follows the theft last month of a Game Cube from the Children's treatment area in the A&E department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. The Game Cube was kindly donated to A&E last year.

Gillian Ralphs, A&E Nursery Nurse, said: “We were all really disappointed that someone stole the Game Cube because it was important for helping distract children from the pain or anxiety they might be feeling.”

If anyone knows anything about this missing items, please contact Norfolk Police on 01953 424242.

Thursday 4th of March 2004 11:57:00 AM