Bernstein legacy brings anaesthesia benefits

The Sagle Bernstein legacy continues to benefit patients and staff at Cromer & District Hospital with patients undergoing general anaesthetics now gaining from a potentially life-saving piece of specialist equipment.

Anaesthetists at Cromer are now using an £11,000 fibreoptic laryngoscope. The instrument is a flexible telescope for use in patients undergoing a general anaesthetic in which conventional methods of maintaining a safe, clear airway prove to be unexpectedly difficult. This can be a life-saving intervention, and it will make having a general anaesthetic at Cromer even safer.

Dr David Wilson-Nunn, lead consultant anaesthetist for Cromer Hospital, said; ““We are indebted to the late Mrs Bernstein’s generosity. Our new fibreoptic laryngoscope makes surgery under general anaesthetic as safe as it possibly can be.”

Sagle Bernstein generously left the hospital £11.4 million and £1 million has been spent on equipment and facilities at Cromer. The total bequest left now stands at  £10.7 million.

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Thursday 1st of July 2004 12:00:16 PM