Patient surveys reveal improving hospitals

The latest Patient Survey report for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust's hospitals shows increased patient satisfaction with the care they experienced.

Today the Healthcare Commission publishes the annual results of all Trust patient surveys nationally. The 2004 survey is compared to the same survey questions in 2002. A total of 524 adult in-patients at NNUH and Cromer were interviewed for the national survey.

Quality of care

  • 88.7% of patients rated their care as excellent to good (an improvement of 11.4% on 2002)
  • 3.8% of patients felt their care was poor (compared to 3% in 2002)
  • 54.6% of patients felt there were enough nurses (compared to 51.3% in 2002)
  • 13.7% of patients felt there were not enough nurses (compared to 18% in 2002)

Food and Cleanliness

  • 58.2% of patients rated cleanliness of their room or ward as very clean (a 26.2% improvement from 2002)
  • 7.2% felt their room or ward was not clean (compared to 12.6% of patients in 2002)
  • 54.9% said the food was good or very good (a 19.9% improvement on 2002)
  • 4.2% said the food was poor (compared to 6% in 2002)

Privacy and Dignity

  • 79.8% of patients felt they had been treated with respect and dignity (an improvement of 3.8% on 2002)
  • 2.9% felt they were not treated with enough dignity and respect (compared to 3% in 2002)
  • 89.9% of patients felt they had enough privacy when being examined or treated (a 6.1% improvement on 2002)
  • 1.3% of patients felt they did not have enough privacy (compared to 2.3% in 2002)

The improvement in key areas of patient experience reflect the completed move from the old N&N in 2002 and a number of service improvements such as the introduction of five modern Matrons and the launch of a Patient Advice and Liaison Service to help patients and relatives with questions or concerns.

Anna Dugdale, Director of Resources, said: “The 2004 patient survey for our Trust shows some big improvements on two years ago, particularly around quality of care, food, and cleanliness. This is a testament to the dedication of all our staff.

“It’s very encouraging to hear such positive feedback from our patients. We are determined to build on this and to continue to improve services for our patients”.

Children’s survey results

For the first time ever, the same survey has also been done on a national basis for young patients in hospital. A total of 475 children completed the survey for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust.

Quality of care

  • 90% of patients/carers rated their care as excellent to good 
  • 2.3% of patients/carers felt their care was poor
  • 87.6% rated doctors and nurses working together as excellent to good
  • 2.8% rated doctors and nurses working together as poor

Food and Cleanliness

  • 65.3% of patients/carers rated cleanliness as very clean
  • 3.8% felt their room or ward was not clean
  • 33.8% said the food was good or very good
  • 8.2% said the food was poor
  • 58% rated toys and entertainment as excellent to good
  • 6% rated toys and entertainment as poor

Key facts about the NNUH Trust

  • Last year we treated 583,248 patients (up 25.9% on 8 years ago)
  • We have 2,499 nursing and midwifery staff (up 22.8% on 8 years ago)
  • We have 642 doctors (up 50.3% on 8 years ago)
  • We have 380 therapists (up 24.6% on 8 years ago)
  • We have 78 healthcare scientists (up 25.8% on 8 years ago)

Comments from patients included:

What was good


“Compared to the old N&N everywhere was clean, food excellent and new beds great. Fantastic environment. I was particularly impressed with the facilities and all staff on the admission ward. I was extremely well cared for, no complaints”.

“All staff were kind, supportive, respectful, caring, polite and willing to offer any help necessary to aid my comfort. Excellent communication facilities e.g. bedside TV and phone”.

“I have no complaints on my stay, or of the food, doctors and nurses. Through the discovery of my problem the NNUH has saved my life for which I shall always be grateful.”


“Let’s face it, free expert emergency medical treatment when needed is a wonderful thing. Without the NHS, our family would be stuffed.”

“The overall care & service was very good & our child was dealt with as a matter of urgency and precision. This was re-assuring at an upsetting time.”

“I feel as the parent of this child, this is a very good hospital and I could not have asked for any more care for my child than got.”

What could be improved


“When being discharged with different medications, it would be better to have a list of when to take them as it is too much to remember being old.”

“More information on what you could do, and more help with electrics – such as lights, raising and lowering beds etc. It is so confusing being taken into hospital with no knowledge of equipment etc. More explanation would be a great help.”

“Better communication between doctors and nurses. Being made aware of information for patients and family”.


“A parents’ room where you can have a coffee or sit quietly for 5 mins. Better ways needed of keeping children of the same age together. We were in a ward with a 15 year- old and an 8 year-old baby. They all keep each other awake”.

“Information to patients/ parents/guardians- How things were progressing waiting for results etc”.

“When medication has to be given at a particular time, it would be helpful to be able to find a nurse to be given this medicine.”

Wednesday 4th of August 2004 01:00:40 AM