Freedom of Information

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust is reassuring the public that legislation that comes into force from January 1st 2005 will not compromise their right to privacy concerning personal health records*.

The Freedom of Information (FoI) Act comes into force in January and gives everyone the right of access to information held by public organisations. The act is designed to underpin a greater culture of openness.

But the act does not mean that the public will be able to access other patients’ health records. Patients can only access their own health records and that will not be changed by the Freedom of Information Act.

Freedom of Information means anyone can request information, in writing, of public organisations and expect a response within 20 working days. The first port of call for information related to services run by this Trust is the website. 

The public can make a Freedom of Information request from the FoI section of the website. lf the information cannot be found on the website then a written request (letter, fax or email) can be made asking for the information.

For the most part with Freedom of Information requests, the Trust will charge only for hard copies or copying onto a different media. Information on the web site is available free, but for other information there may be a  charge if more than 2.5 days are spent in supporting a request for information. Current photocopying costs are 25p per copy and postage at cost.

Freedom of Information public enquiries

Our Freedom of Information officer is Andrew Stronach. You can use this FOI request form, or write to Andrew Stronach, Communications, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UY.

Freedom of Information media enquiries   

All media enquiries under the Freedom of Information Act are handled by our Communications team. Email

Access to health records

*All patients have the right to see their own medical records and can write to the Health Records Manager, Health Records Library, Norwich Community Hospital, Bowthorpe Road, Norwich, NR2 3TU, or phone 01603 288725 or 288858 to request their details. There are charges to get copies of your health records including an administration fee, and any photocopying and postage costs up to a maximum of £50.

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