Bedside alcohol gel launch

In a bid to control the spread of infection every bed at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust has been fitted with alcohol gel dispensers.

When the hospital opened alcohol gel dispensers were made available on the ward for staff to use.  In July 2004 additional dispensers were provided for visitors at all ward entrances.  ‘Point of Care' alcohol gel dispensers are the next step in our campaign in line with the national strategy. 

Helga Scotton, Infection Control Nurse said “We want our patients to be assured that staff can decontaminate their hands at the point of care before and after having direct contact with them.  This has been proven to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses”.
In most instances the gel dispensers have been placed at the end of each patient’s bed.   However on the children’s ward and when it is not safe to do so, personal dispensers are carried by the staff.  Obviously some staff, patients & visitors prefer to wash and dry hands rather than use the gel which is also effective.

Chief Executive Paul Forden and Director of Nursing Christine Baxter will be promoting the use of these dispensers on Wednesday 23rd February at 2.00pm in the East Atrium.

Media contact: Andrew Stronach or Hayley Gerrard on 01603 287200.

Tuesday 22nd of February 2005 11:00:00 AM