Hospital website launches automatic update service

The website of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust has introduced a new feature that automatically alerts people who use the site to new information and events.

The Trust's website now has Really Simple Syndication (RSS) that automatically tells people when a new item is added. RSS feeds have been introduced for latest news, educational events and job vacancies.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is an easy way for you to keep updated automatically on websites you like. Instead of you having to go to websites to see if they've written a new article or feature, you can use RSS to get them to tell you every time they have something new. The Trust offers RSS feeds (or channels) for a number of its popular sections.

Listed below are the RSS feeds that currently publishes:

  • Most Recent News Items
  • Most Recent Vacancies Advertised
  • General Events at the Norfolk and Norwich
  • Educational Events at the Norfolk and Norwich
  • All Events at the Norfolk and Norwich
  • Recent Website Changes

How can I make use of RSS?

You need to get hold of a program called a News Reader. This displays RSS information feeds from your chosen websites on your computer. All you then have to do is choose which RSS feeds you want.

Where can I get a News Reader?

There are many different news readers available, many for free. Most news readers are applications that you download from the Internet and install. Some others are web-based service you sign-up for that work inside your browser. News readers can be found via this web link here

Full information on the above RSS feeds can be found here

Wednesday 4th of May 2005 10:00:22 AM