It's OK to ask – NNUH launches Clean Your Hands campaign

Norwich North MP Dr Ian Gibson is helping the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's Matrons launch a Clean Your Hands campaign that empowers patients and public to ask hospital staff if they have cleaned their hands.

Basic hand hygiene is very important in combating a range of infections and hospital staff have mandatory training. It is also imperative that visitors and patients follow hand hygiene and wash their hands thoroughly and use the alcohol gels on every ward.

The latest figures from the Health Protection Agency shows the Trust has the lowest MRSA rate of any of Norfolk's hospitals and continues to make good progress on infection control. Over recent years staff have been the focus but the new campaign urges the public to do their bit. 

The main message of the campaign is ‘Clean Your Hands’, and builds on the work already undertaken by the Infection Control Team, who introduced the alcohol hand rubs near to the point of patient care.  Staff also wear badges that say “It's OK to ask” – inviting patients to reassure themselves that staff have washed their hands.   

This campaign actively encourages patient involvement through:  

  • Publicising the use of alcohol hand rubs near to the point of care
  • Promotional posters, leaflets and badges to increase patient awareness
  • Empowering patient to become a partners in their care;

The campaign features posters and marketing materials can improve staff, patient and visitor behaviour by reminding them to use the hand rubs. The Matrons will also launch a brand new patient information leaflet, Clean Hands Save Lives.

The Trust has continued to introduce a range of initiatives regarding infection control:        

  • In February we hosted a Think Clean conference for all NHS trusts in the region      
  • In February we also launched alcohol gels at every bedside      
  • In April a new infection control information slideshow was put on Patientline bedside televisions
  • In April we launched an enhanced website section for MRSA        
  • In May a Clean Your Hands video also went live on the Patientline TVs       
  • All infection control leaflets have been translated into Portuguese, Russian, Kurdish, Chinese and Bengali and are on the website.

Matron Olwen Keeley said: “This Clean Your Hands campaign builds on the considerable work we have already done around infection control and is important because it will help to improve patient and public confidence in the clinical care”.

Anthea Nicholson from the Patient and Public Involvement Forum said: “We are fully in support of this initiative as we have many questions from the public surrounding hand hygiene and hope this will help to relieve their concerns”.

Dr Ian Gibson said: “This is a most topical issue which is being addressed professionally and is in the interests of the public and patients”.

Notes for Editors
The launch of the Clean Your Hands campaign takes place in the West Atrium,  West and Centre In-patients entrance, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, at 8.45 am on Friday, June 24.

Wednesday 22nd of June 2005 12:00:21 PM