Waiting list hits record low

Waiting lists have fallen to a record low at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust, a report to the Board will reveal this week.

For the first time in the eleven year history of the Trust, which runs Cromer and the Norfolk and Norwich University hospitals, the waiting list has fallen below the 10,000 mark. In June 2004 the waiting list was 12,188, and in June 2005 was 9,817, a fall of 19 per cent.

The performance report to the Board also notes that no patients are waiting more than nine months for treatment and only six patients were waiting more than eight months. All six of those patients had declined earlier dates.

By December this year, no one should be waiting more than six months for treatment. The A&E target was achieved again with more than 98 per cent of patients seen, treated, admitted or discharged within four hours.

The performance report also updates the Board on performance relating to MRSA infection. Between April and June the Trust had a target level of 14 cases of MRSA but there were only eight cases of MRSA infection.

Chief executive Paul Forden said: “In recent years we have seen NHS waiting times fall from approaching two years to approaching six months now. A lot has been achieved and a lot remains to be achieved but we should recognise the very great efforts staff in Norwich and Cromer have successfully made.

“For this trust to set a new record low for its waiting list and to reduce it by nearly a fifth in a year is a tremendous achievement by our staff and as a Board we thank them for their hard work and dedication.”

Monday 18th of July 2005 11:00:22 AM