Bone scan waiting time falls

Radiographers working at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have cut waiting times for bone scans from a year to just six weeks.

The dramatic fall in waiting times has been achieved in just one year and reflects extra resource moved to DEXA scanning and great dedication and hard work from hospital radiographers.

Two additional radiographers were trained in the use of the DEXA scanner and, as a result, more scanning time has been available for patients to get their scans and the waiting time has dropped as a result. The scanner was previously being used for half the week and is now running five days a week.
A DEXA scan uses low dose radiation to examine the thickness of bones and is important for assessing patients' risk of conditions like the brittle bone disease osteoporosis or general weakening of the bones. The scan lasts a few seconds.

Superintendent radiographer Chris West said: “In recent years increased awareness of osteoporosis and the treatment options for the condition have led to a big rise in demand for bone scans. We recognised this was an area that needed more priority, we have addressed that need, and made what is a big turnaround in waiting times.”  

Chief executive Paul Forden said: “Our staff have done a tremendous job in reducing waiting times for bone scans substantially and that's great news for our patients. This is an excellent example of the work being done by our staff to improve access to NHS services.”

Wednesday 3rd of August 2005 12:00:07 PM