Work starts on Cromer's Renal and MRI units

Building work gets underway on a £2.3 million project to build a new eight-station dialysis unit and a new radiology suite at Cromer and District Hospital next week.

The next phase of work on the new services is due to start on 24 October. As part of the works a trench will have to be dug the length of the road to the back of the hospital and visitors are advised there will be fewer parking spaces for a period of two to three weeks. The scheme does include putting in more car parking for users of the new units.

Delivery of the modular buildings is scheduled for the weekend of 7/8 January 2006. Fitting-out of the modular buildings should take seven weeks with training and handover to NHS staff starting the week commencing 27th February.

The Bernstein legacy will contribute £1.3 million to the project. The new renal unit and radiology suite will also be moved to the new hospital planned for north Norfolk.

Trust chairman David Prior said: “The addition of an eight-station dialysis unit and a MRI scanner for north Norfolk patients is a major step forward and will save patients having to make repeat trips to Norwich.

“I am glad that we have been able to put to good use some of the late Sagle Bernstein’s very generous legacy and these new types of treatment and diagnostic services at Cromer Hospital will undoubtedly benefit local patients.”

The new dialysis unit will be located at the back of the hospital site and the MRI scanner, x-ray and ultrasound facility will be located at the front of the hospital site.

Thursday 20th of October 2005 03:00:18 PM