Doctors publish a pocket guide to paediatrics

Doctors from the Jenny Lind children’s unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have collaborated to produce a new, handy-sized textbook for medical students.

The Saunders Pocket Essentials of Paediatrics covers everything from neonatal care to paediatric surgery, community-based services and child protection, along with exam questions and revision notes.

“This has been a labour of joy,” says consultant paediatrician Dr Nandu Thalange, who edited the book along with his consultant colleagues Tim Kinnaird, Richard Beach and Paul Holmes. “Many paediatric textbooks are unwieldy and often slanted towards hospital paediatrics. Our book is pleasingly compact, and for a medical textbook, cheap! – virtues most medical students will appreciate. It is also comprehensive, and covers everything a medical student needs to know about child health and paediatrics.

“The book is written specially for problem-based learning – which is the type of approach favoured at the UEA and many other medical schools. It’s the sort of book I would love to have had myself as a student.”

The authors drew on a wide range of experience to write the book, from junior doctors to consultants who have practised in the field for many years. The book is suitable for all child health professionals who require a succinct, up-to-date account of modern paediatric practice.

Photo Opportunity

'The Pocket Guide to Paediatrics' will be launched in the East Atrium at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital on Wednesday 14 December. The Editors will be available for interview and / or pictures at 2.30pm.

Monday 12th of December 2005 11:00:22 AM