Norfolk hospitals top for food

Inspectors from the Department of Health have today published the national results of inspections for hospitals' standards of patient environment and catering for 2004/05.

And the results show that both Cromer Hospital and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital are the only acute hospitals in the region to offer patients an excellent standard of food.

The NHS Estates Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT), which includes members of the public,  made visits to Cromer and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital earlier this year and examined the standards of the patient environment and hospital food.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's catering was judged as excellent (up from good last year) and the environment was judged good (the same as last year). At Cromer hospital the results were excellent for food (a big jump from acceptable last year) and acceptable for environment (the same as last year). 

Under the Patient Environment Action Team inspections the possible scores are Poor, Acceptable, Good or Excellent.

Director of Resources Anna Dugdale said: “These are very pleasing results and it's all  down to the hard work and skill of often over-looked staff who are delivering a very good service for patients. We are committed to making sure our patients enjoy high standards of catering and cleanliness. We remain determined to keep delivering high standards and improving them wherever possible.”

NNUH PPI Forum member Norman Cooker said: “The NNUH PPI Forum members are delighted that Inspectors from the Department of Health  confirm our views that the meals at both the N & N and Cromer hospitals offer patients an excellent standard of food.  The PPI Forum's own interviews with patients suggest that they are pleased with the choice and quality of the food which is given to them.”

Thursday 8th of December 2005 10:00:45 AM