Car parking at Cromer Hospital

Car parking arrangements at Cromer Hospital have been reviewed following the completion of building work in the hospital grounds.

During construction of a new renal unit and MRI scanning unit, Cromer Football Club rented out their car park for the use of patients and staff. However, this arrangement came to an end when the builders moved off site.

There are now a total of 21 spaces available for patient and visitor parking, plus five reserved for short-stay (30-minute) parking and five for those attending the Minor Injuries Unit.

The new parking arrangements take into account the needs of patients with limited mobility and the security of staff who are working late at the hospital. Priority is also given to staff who need to travel regularly to Cromer from NNUH.

Patients and visitors are asked to note that:

  • At the front of the hospital, inside the Main Hospital entrance, places are reserved for patients using the minor injuries unit and staff who need to work after 8pm. Spaces on the left (five in all) are reserved for patients using the MIU and their carers.
  • There are two disabled spaces in front of the Davison Unit entrance, plus a motorbike park and cycle rack to the left of the Davison entrance
  • There are five “drop off” ( maxiumum 30 minute wait) spaces, plus one disabled space, in the area in front of Outpatients, on the right hand side as you turn into the drive .
  • At the rear of the hospital, there are a total of 21 spaces reserved for patient parking, including two disabled spaces – 13 of these are along the rear wall and six in front of the boiler house.
  • One area at the back of the hospital is strictly designated for deliveries only and is painted with cross-hatching to reinforce the message. Any patient, visitor or member of staff who parks in this area will be asked to move their car
  • Parking permits will be issued to staff according to their needs and all staff are being asked to respect the new parking rules. The parking arrangements will, however, be kept under review.

Wednesday 14th of June 2006 05:00:52 PM