Zero tolerance on assaults

New national figures released by the NHS Security Management Service reveal the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust's zero tolerance stance on violence towards staff is having a positive impact.

The national assault statistics for 2004/05 show that staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust experienced the third lowest numbers of assaults per 1,000 staff in the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire region.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust has been leading the way in a new approach to improving security in the NHS, including tackling violence against NHS staff and the theft of property.

Working with the police, the Trust, which runs the Norfolk and Norwich University and Cromer hospitals, has a Local Security Management Specialist (LSMS), who investigates security breaches and implements new systems to help protect the NHS.

NNUH security chief and LSMS Bill Dye has received professional training in both technical skills and the ethical framework needed to use skills such as investigative interviewing skills and a background in the law.

Every LSMS is supported by a NHS SMS-developed Security Management Manual. The manual sets out the role of the LSMS and the new strategic approach to NHS security and gives advice on handling specific security breaches. It also includes examples of practical security measures. These include:

Tackling violence and abuse against NHS staff Appropriate use of technology, e.g. CCTV and radio communications, and training for all security personnel to be able to use it effectively Effective alarm systems such as movement sensors and personal attack buttons NHS frontline staff trained in conflict resolution

NNUH Head of Security Management, Bill Dye said: “We are determined to keep our hospitals safe and secure for patients and staff. Over the years too many people have got away unpunished for their crimes against the NHS, especially those who attack our staff. We are pleased our strong focus on security is paying dividends and we will take action against those who abuse hospital staff. The NHS should be a safe place to work and be treated, not for anti-social and criminal activity.”

The national data (below) is the first set of figures published by the NHS Security Management Service.

Trust NameTotal Assaults (1)Total Staff (2)Assaults
per 1,000 staff (3)
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 10 1,263 7.9
Ipswich Hopsital NHS Trust 36 3,798 9.5
NNUH NHS Trust 72 6,464 11.1
Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust 60 3,683 16.3
James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust 54 3,154 17.1
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 124 6,921 17.9
Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Trust 48 2,625 18.3
East Anglian Ambulance NHS Trust 28 1,490 18.8
West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust 90 3,130 28.8
Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust 62 1,723 36.0


(1) NHS SMS Physical Assault Statistics 2004/05

(2) DH Workforce Statistics (30th September 2004)

(3) Department of Health form KH03 (7th December 2005)

Saturday 10th of June 2006 01:00:06 AM