Major discount on bus travel for NNUH staff

One of the country's most significant discounted regular traveler bus fare systems has been introduced for staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH).

They will be able to benefit from a 63% discount on a First Eastern Counties normal annual fare rate. Not only can this pass be used every day of the week for travel to and from work but it allows users to go almost anywhere across much of Norfolk at any time the buses are running.

Staff at NNUH will be able to buy this First bus pass for £158 – a 63% discount on the normal full selling price of £430. The passes cover zones 1 to 5 which covers the whole of Norwich and its environs plus a large part of Norfolk. The deal applies to all staff and contractors, regardless of which site they work at and which shifts they may be on, including Sunday and Bank Holiday working.

As the scheme also reduces the use of private cars, it has a significant environmental advantage. For this reason, it is known as The Green Travel Plan and a preliminary version was initially set up when the hospital opened. This new deal has reinvigorated and significantly improved the scheme and reduced the fare, already discounted at £260, by another £100.

Chief executive of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Paul Forden, commented, “This new step is an impressive way to cut costs for our staff and contractors, many of whom work across shifts and travel to and from work is a major factor for them and for our efficient running of the hospital. We are delighted to be in partnership with First Eastern counties who have developed an excellent concept and have responded extremely well to our requirements. The reduction in the number of private cars our staff will need to use and the saving of parking space make the other economic and environmental benefits a real bonus.”

Green travel plans developed by First Eastern Counties balance the regular volume of travelers against this significant reduction in fare costs that become possible, as all buses on the service will carry a good level of passengers. The green benefits can be significant and the new scheme will be followed by others where larger regular volumes of passengers need to travel. First Eastern Counties is a pioneer in these initiatives.

Thursday 5th of October 2006 02:00:10 PM