Looking back at 2006

Staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust are wishing the public a safe and happy New Year as they reflect on some of the quirkier aspects of 2006.

The NNUH treats more than 640,000 patients over the course of a year and hospital information analyst Tim Hankey's select review of 2006 shows:

  • People with a total of 51 different religious faiths were treated over the year.
  • The average age of patients in 2006 was 52

Of all the babies delivered by NNUH staff in 2006:

  • The most popular boy's name was Harry (followed by Charlie)
  • The most popular girl's name was Jessica (followed by Sophie)
  • The busiest day for the NNUH maternity department was 30th October 2006 (22 babies delivered)

A&E staff will not be forgetting England's World Cup experiences in a hurry as they had a big effect on the hospital during 2006 with A&E at its busiest ever but Friday the 13th proved quiet!

  • Busiest day in A&E – Sunday 11th June – 280 attendees
  • Quietest day in A&E – Friday 13th January – 135 attendees
  • The average age of A&E patients is 40 (43 for men, 37 for women)

The most emergency admissions to NNUH in one day:

  • Emergency surgical patients – 14th August 2006 – 56
  • Emergency medical patients – 1st December 2006 – 86

Tim said: “Looking back at these figures it does confound some old myths. The spring and summer months are actually often busier than winter but it is definitely true that A&E does get very busy when England play in a World Cup.”

Happy (and safe) New Year to all…

Friday 29th of December 2006 02:00:43 PM