Children with diabetes use BlueTooth technology for blood tests

Children in Norfolk with Type 1 Diabetes are using mobile phones with the very latest technology to help manage their blood glucose safely.

Around 20 per cent of diabetics have Type 1 diabetes and the number of children in Norfolk being diagnosed with this type of diabetes has increased by 34 per cent in recent years.

Type 1 diabetes means the child's pancreas stops producing insulin and makes blood sugar levels difficult to control. The children need daily injections of insulin to manage their condition.

The children's diabetes team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is working with t+ Medical, a company that provides software that can send blood glucose results wirelessly from mobile phones enabled with BlueTooth.

The software is useful for children, parents and health professionals who can access blood results quickly and remotely. The system can even send text alerts for blood glucose results – especially useful if children are away from home or school on school trips.

t+ Medical has developed a way to help people with diabetes use mobile phone technology to help manage their condition. BlueTooth-enabled mobiles can use readings from a blood glucose meter to deliver tailored feedback about blood sugar trends and triggers.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Nandu Thalange said: “Maintaining good blood glucose control is very important and this technology helps us access blood test results and take action accordingly. There are also big benefits for parents and carers as they can monitor their children's diabetes from a distance”.

Tuesday 23rd of October 2007 10:00:55 AM