NNUH a top-performing hospital

The performance of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust is in the top 20 per cent of trusts in the East of England.

The Healthcare Commission’s 2006/07 annual health check looks at quality of care, achievements against NHS targets, and financial management. The ratings range from Weak, Fair, Good or Excellent.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust was judged as a good performer for quality of care and excellent for financial management. This result means the trust’s performance was amongst the best in the region and was also better than many foundation trusts.

Chairman David Prior said: “Fundamental changes to the way in which NHS hospitals are financed have presented a big challenge to all hospitals. The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital was also the first big PFI hospital in the country and that poses an even greater financial challenge so being rated excellent for financial management by the Healthcare Commission and the Audit Commission is a great tribute to the hospital team.”

Chief Executive Paul Forden said: “This rating reinforces the excellent results from other surveys and measures, demonstrating that we consistently deliver a high standard of care to patients. This level of performance is a direct result of the commitment shown by our highly professional and dedicated staff.”

Thursday 18th of October 2007 03:00:12 PM