Assaults on hospital staff reduce

New statistics announced today show a 21 per cent fall in the number of physical assaults at hospitals run by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust.

In 2006-7 there were 76 physical assaults against our staff, while in 2005-6 there were 96. The figures show a 21 per cent decrease on the previous year. This is a significant step in our attempts to improve safety and security for our staff.

Across England, statistics released by the NHS Security Management Service show there were 55,709 physical assaults against NHS staff in England, 2,986 fewer than 2005-6.

November is NHS Security Awareness Month. NHS health bodies throughout England will be broadcasting the message that violence and abuse against health care workers is unacceptable, through presentations, talks, newsletters and the internet.

Bill Dye, head of security management at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, said: “Our staff are here to help the public and it is completely unacceptable that they should face violence and aggression in the course of their job. We are pleased that there were fewer assaults than the previous year, which shows we are continuing to see success in our attempts to tackle violence.”

Thursday 8th of November 2007 09:00:54 AM