Excellent cleanliness at NNUH and Cromer

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Cromer Hospital offer patients an excellent standard of cleanliness, according to the latest inspection results from the National Patient Safety Agency.

The Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT), which includes members of the public, made visits to Cromer and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital earlier this year and examined the standards of the patient environment and hospital food.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's cleanliness was judged as excellent. At Cromer hospital the results were also excellent for cleanliness. Last year both hospitals were also judged excellent for cleanliness.

Hospital director of resources Anna Dugdale said: “These are very pleasing results and are all down to good teamwork on the part of often over-looked staff who are delivering an excellent service for patients. We are committed to ensuring our patients enjoy excellent standards of cleanliness and catering cleanliness. We remain determined to maintain those standards and improving them further wherever possible.”

Under the Patient Environment Action Team inspections the possible scores are Poor, Acceptable, Good or Excellent. The assessments include inspections by patient representatives.

For more information visit http://www.msnpsa.nhs.uk/peat/

Wednesday 21st of November 2007 02:00:35 PM