Maternity survey reveals new mums' satisfaction

A national survey of mums reveals women seen by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's maternity team are more likely to breastfeed and be offered the choice of a home birth than the national average.

The Healthcare Commission surveyed 279 women who give birth in February 2007 with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's maternity service. Last year 5,483 babies were delivered by the maternity team in Norwich.

According to the Healthcare Commission's survey of women under the care of NNUH, a total of 87% said they rated their overall care as good to excellent, and four per cent thought it was poor.

The Healthcare Commission's Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital survey revealed:

  • 97% of women had contact numbers for their midwife compared to 90% nationally
  • 87% of women attempted breast feeding compared to 80% nationally
  • 70% of women were given the choice of a home birth compared to 57% nationally
  • 20% of women had gone on to use formula milk compared to 24% nationally
  • 4% of women had had a home birth compared to 3% nationally

Acting Head of Midwifery Glynis Moore said: “These results are encouraging. We constantly review service provision and aim to provide the best possible care. We will be reviewing the survey results in detail and planning how we can improve our service.”

Clinical director and consultant obstetrician Mr Edward Morris said: “Getting the views of our patients is very important to us and we are pleased that this report shows that the vast majority of families we have looked after are happy with their care. We have an excellent team of staff at all levels and this report is a testament to their dedication and enthusiasm.”

Tuesday 27th of November 2007 01:00:17 AM