That was the year that was – 2007

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust enjoyed another busy year in 2007, serving patients from across Norfolk and Waveney. Some of the key facts have been recorded along with the changing trend in children's names.

Of the births in the Trust Jack was the most popular boys name and Ruby the most popular girls name. In 2006 it was Harry and Jessica!

In 2007 49% of births were female; 48% in 2006.

Top date for births was 30th October (26) and in 2006 19th March (25)

The maximum number of admissions in one day was 223 on 30th April.
The minimum was 80 on 18th August.

The maximum number of emergency inpatients was 769 on 2nd January.
The minimum number of emergency inpatients was 558 on 28 September.

The peak daily number of A&E Attendances was 280 on 14th July.
The smallest number was 154 on 10th January.

The number of religious faiths that attended the Trust was 48.

Most common reason for visiting A&E “chest pain”

Oldest patient to attend A&E 109

In terms of occupancy levels, the Trust exceeded 95% on 149 days.
The maximum occupancy level was 102.5% on 27th February
The minimum occupancy level was 83.4% on 7th April

Thursday 27th of December 2007 10:00:16 AM