Balloon goes up in Norwich for World Kidney Day

Hundreds of balloons will be released in Norwich city centre on Thursday March 13 to mark World Kidney Day.

The event is designed to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys – an amazing organ that plays a crucial role in keeping us alive and well. Kidney disease is common, harmful and treatable.

Representatives of local and national kidney charities will be present at the Forum during World Kidney Day and will be on hand to giving information and advice. The chairman of the Norwich Renal Fund and the chairman of the United Norwich Kidney Patients Association (UNKPA) will be launching 560 balloons at 13.00 from the Millennium Plain.

A prize will be given for the balloon that travels the furthest distance in two weeks and drug company Shire will donate a pound to the National Kidney Federation for each balloon found with special labels.

World Kidney Day was first launched in 2006 in response to the growth in numbers of people with chronic kidney disease and is celebrated in 66 countries.

Our kidneys, too often overlooked, has now emerged as central to global public health efforts, as the cost of renal replacement therapy for total kidney failure hits health care budgets

World Kidney Day 13 March 2008, The Forum, Norwich 08.00 until 17.00.

Monday 10th of March 2008 05:00:40 AM